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[Area 52][H]<Bad Touch>(7/7 EN H; 3/3 ToV N)

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[Area 52][H]<Bad Touch>

Goals: Raiding, drinking, some additional questionable behavior.

Days/Times: Tuesday & Thursday 8-11pm EST (server time)

Progression: 4/10 N NH


About us:

<Bad Touch> is a small tight knit raiding guild who prides itself on upholding our motto "Doing more, with less." We are aiming to grow into a small (25-30 person) mythic raiding guild. Last expansion, our core leadership founded, and ran, a mythic raiding guild---"Bad Touch". After a brief sanity break, we are setting out to repeat our previous success.



All recruits must be HIGHLY active and possess a very strong understanding as to how their class operates. While we do not mind teaching raid mechanics, each applicant must be highly motivated and check out the provided raid materials PRIOR to entering the encounter. Additionally, applicants must make sure that their character is ready to raid by 1) having the appropriate addons installed, 2) gear must be fully gemmed and enchanted, and 3) possess an adequate amount of raid consumables (flasks/food/pot).


Our Promise:

We promise to fully support each member and not waste your time during raid. In return, we will hold each raider accountable for his/her performance during the raid. While we are a supportive clan, we are not a charity. We also promise to find bosses and steal their lunch money.


If this sounds interesting...

Here are the guilds current needs: (our current comp has 16 core raiders, looking to move to 20man content with Nighthold)

1 Melee DPS: Warrior, Monk, or Demon hunter preferred

3 Ranged DPS:  Warlock, Mage, Elemental, Balance preferred


Contact info: Panzito (Jaylaw#1421); Coulin; Rudepoodle, Bitz, Quesorita



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