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[Twisting Nether][H] <Nocturnal Supremacy> 7/7M 3/3HC

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We are based on Twisting Nether!


Raiding days/hours are:

(All in server time)

• Thursday 1am - 4am

• Friday 1am - 4am •

•Monday 1am - 4am

Please note that the days listed can seem a bit confusing, for example, by Thursday 1-4am we mean Wednesday going into Thursday, not Thursday going into Friday.

We also regularly clear heroic raids on off-days with a mixture of mains and alts.


Currently most of our focus is on filling out our squad of ranged DPS and adding another member to our healing roster, a strong damage offspec is highly preferable.

That said, we can consider all players if they're good enough and have members willing to change mains if just the right situation arises.

The Sell:

Looking for very late night raiding to fit your work schedule? Maybe you're a night-owl or want raids that don't clash with your other guild raids? Perhaps you just live in America or somewhere similar where normal raiding hours don't work for you? Well, Nocturnal Supremacy are here!

We're a friendly and relaxed bunch who can get things done at the same time. We have plenty of players from all over the world, even from Sweden, sadly.

We merged from a group of three late night guilds in Warlords of Draenor during Blackrock Foundry and progressed up to Mythic Maidens before Hellfire Citadel came out. From there we cleared 11/13 bosses before the valor points patch came out and then fully cleared the place and farmed every raider an Archimonde mount before Legion was launched.

Now in Legion we have cleared Emerald Nightmare Mythic and are working at Trial of Valor, fighting the old Christmas roster boss too but we're fully confident that we'll have a solid group of raiders ready for a full clear of Nighthold on all difficulties!

If you have good past raid experience but feel you aren't currently showing your potential don't be afraid to apply, gear is a secondary concern next to other positive elements a guildmate and raider can bring us. Please come prepared for the content though, the fastest way to fail a trial is to fail a mechanic, or to be a horribly abrasive !@#.

For more information contact:

GM - Karnage#2229

Raid Leader - PoQT#21337

Officer - Blight#2166

Officer - Elessar#2801

Officer -Shemzy#2465

or me, lowly but long-standing recruitment peon Teezep#2487


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