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[Thrall][H]<Amalgamation>(1/9 M) Is recruiting ranged dps and heals

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Amalgamation (1/9 M) is a two year old guild located on Thrall and is recruiting players for semi-casual fun, and hardcore Mythic progression. Our Raid team recently finished our Heroic Tomb of Sargeras and is looking to solidify the roster going forward into Tomb Of Sargeras.


 Amalgamation is a hardcore progression guild, we expect the best out of our players in terms of utilizing the kits given to their specific class, we are not raid-casual friendly. We push each other to be the best raiders we can be.

High attendance 

We understand that things come up, but raiders are expected to update us as soon as possible and for those situations to be rare. We raid less than the average guild so missing raid nights impacts us more than others. Missing raids will result in benching.

Knowledge on Class 

We require that our raiders have knowledge on their class in at least two of their three specs with the exception of hybrid classes due to roles varying between specs, however we encourage them to be flexible in that regard if they are comfortable with it. You must have an artifact level of 52 to even be considered.


Talking IS required, you must have a mic and be able to call out certain mechanics you are affected by. No mic, no consideration.


We're currently in need of the following classes (Preference to underlined classes, but we are open to any skilled player):

Rogue: (Subtlety, Assassination, Outlaw)
Druid (Feral/Restoration/Balance)
Monk (Mistweaver/Windwalker)
Death knight (Frost/Unholy)
Paladin (Holy/Retribution)
Hunter (Marksmanship/Beastmastery)
Shaman (Elemental/Enhance)
Warrior (Arms/Fury)
Priest (Shadow/Disc/Holy)
Demonhunter (Havoc)

Must be a minimum ILVL of 895 to be considered.

Raid Times We raid Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00pm to 11:30pm EST, Open Tryouts on Tuesdays.

Questions or interest: Add James#13479/Kiana#1580


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Updated to reflect current Nighthold Progress. We're also accepting casual players and run mythic +'s every week as a guild.

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