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Currently looking for Mythic raiders who can reliably show up each week for progression raiding. We are 4/7M, 3/3H and want to add a few pieces going into Nighthold.

Raids are Fri-Sat 10pm-1am Eastern time(8pm-11pm server). We are in need of a Holy Paladin to replace one of our druids, as having 3 druids is just not optimal. DPS roles are also welcome to apply. If you want some more info you can add me at Weric#11336 or head to our website and throw in a quick app, myself and my admins check it daily throughout the day!



If you're looking for a guild that is going to be raiding through the entire Legion xpac, hit us up, we'd be glad to have you :). Attendance is one of our top priorities as well! We don't want to tell antyone how they should play the game that they pay monthly for, but if you join our guild you join knowing that we are serious about progression and need at least a 90% attendance. We have forums set up for you to post if you will be late or missing, and this is not held against you IF you give us advance warning.

Have fun!

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