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[Proudmoore][A] <Keepers of Insanity> (5/7M 3/3H) T/Th 7-10pst

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Casuals always welcome. You will be welcome into heroic and normal alt runs. 

<Keepers of Insanity> was formed back during The Burning Crusade as a late night raiding guild under the name <Dark Skies> on Elune. We continued to raid into Wrath and kept chugging along all the way in and through Warlords of Draenor. At the start of 2016 we decided to do a name change to <Insanitarium> to start a new year and head into the next expansion. When we officially decided to call an end to our progression raiding in Mythic Hellfire Citadel we were 11/13 and working on Mannoroth, we had him close to the last phase on our first full week of progression. The officer group decided it would be best to make yet another change for the expansion, that was to transfer to a higher population realm and we landed on Proudmoore where our guild name <Insanitarium> was already taken, so thus <Keepers of Insanity> was born!

<Keepers of Insanity> Is now 5/7M EN, 3/3H ToV we are recruiting exceptional players that are looking to progress but can only do it 2 nights a week. We raid Tuesday and Thursday nights 7:00p PST to 10:00p PST. While we only raid 6 hours a week we take raiding very seriously and want to get things dead, we enjoy goofing off and doing other random activities in the hours we are not raiding.

Recruitment Needs-
Tanks- FULL
DPS/Tank offspec- Low
Melee DPS- Low
Ranged DPS- High- (Mage, Shadow Priest, Warlock)
Healers- High- (Holy Paladin/Priest, Hybrid DPS/Healer)

If your class is not listed here, please reach out and/or apply anyway! 

If you wish to join our guild and/or raiding team in Legion, please apply at http://koiguild.enjin.com. Recruitment is always open for casual membership, if you have questions just contact an officer in game, battlenet or on our site: Guild Master-Kalasx(DorianX#1319), Djnotnice(DJNotNice#11207), Raivious(AlphaBeaver#1817), and Nynnaevë(alt 0235)

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