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[US-Earthen Ring][H] The Pinnacle is recruiting

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The Pinnacle [6] is now recruiting. We are a unique Horde guild located on the Earthen Ring server. Our website can be viewed by visiting http://thepinnacleguild.com. Why join The Pinnacle? I'll give you a brief summary of what we're all about:

  • We are run by council leadership; that means that every regulation, change, addition, etc. is what is best for the guild. It stays that way because members vote in the council members and councilmen must do what they promise or risk not getting re-elected. That's why we're as fair and balanced as can possibly be. It also means that the guild is constantly changing depending on the needs/wants of its members.
  • We are selective with who we recruit. A majority of guilds spam advertisements and take in every member who happens to come knockin' on their doorstep. The Pinnacle, on the other hand, ensures that each member of the guild is the kind of person that fits well in our community. We look for activity above all else, with maturity (basically being responsible and appropriate for an adult-oriented guild -- this is not to be confused with not having fun tongue.png) coming in at a close second.
  • We don't subscribe to niches; basically, this means that we don't JUST raid or JUST focus on PvP. Niche guilds are boring and limit your options as a player. World of Warcraft has many facets and you should be able to enjoy them all. smile.png We enjoy PvP, PvE, transmog runs, roleplaying, etc.
For additional information feel free to visit our website (the URL is above). As always, thank you for your time,



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