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Horde - Connected Anetheron - US


<Ruin> (7/7 M)EN (3/3 H) ToV  is recruiting members for continued Mythic progression. Ruin finished HFC 13/13M pre-nerf and is looking to build upon that success. We are currently looking for a Restoration Shaman, a Guardian Druid, a Restoration Druid, and any exceptional players.


Our raid times are Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 7 - 10 PM Eastern. Our expectation for any applicant is a 95% attendance rate with good raid awareness and a solid understanding of their class and raid mechanics. Going forward we hope to find like-minded players who want to see the raid team continually improve and push high end content.


To apply fill out the provided application and email it to RuinofAnetheron@gmail.com (Do not attach the file. Copy and paste it into the email)


[Application](https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AvwC2mheDuXXTGC9fnSSaFvVkUl_Vgdtn9Ld1n25c_s)  http://bit.ly/2h45eLS




Steve: Stevemcqueen#1220


Zevick/Kurli: Kurli#1661

Mushed: Mashed#1679

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