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Pavilion, a night raiding guild on Tarren Mill currently seeking members. 

The current classes we search for are:

1 Solid tank
2 Melee dps
3 Range dps

1 shaman

Exceptional players are always welcome to apply regardless of what classes we are looking for. 

We do all recruitment via discord but if you are interested and can make the raid times contact: Bastuber on Tarren Mill and we can discuss it.

Our raid times are 00:15-03:00. Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday

What you can expect from Pavilion
- A chance to get into the raiding core of a somewhat freshly made guild. Everyone has the same opportunity, and no favoritism. 
- People that accually want to raid and want to have fun doing so!
- A great chance for any night raider out there to find some stability. We all know how hard it is to find a decent Night raiding guild.

What we expect you to bring
- The raid and the guild comes first, no big ego's or anything of that sort.
- An open mind both to learn and accept criticism.
- Dedication. Beeing a night raider is hard and some might have to skip out on a raid here and there for work related things, but we expect atleast 85% attendance. 
- Be as good of a player as you can be, try your hardest, bring the appropriate consumables care about your gear and improve your preformance where it's lacking.

Currently our progression is 3/10m and 2/3m

Take care

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Hey @Asmoz,

I updated your title to follow the rules. If you want the title to read something different (or if the information I added is incorrect), let me know and I will change it to reflect both your wish (or the correct information) and the rules.

Best regards,

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Still looking for two more range dps and a healer.

Possibly another Melee aswell.


Possibly looking for a solid tank.

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Hey @Asmoz,

bumping is allowed once per three days, or once a day if you add new (important) information. You bumped twice within 8 hours, which is not allowed. If you need to update some of the info, you can edit your posts or main thread post.
I also merged the two posts.

Thank you for your cooperation,

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