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[Draenor][H] <Tired> (7/7M 3/3HC) LF Resto Druid and DPS!

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Hello Everyone


Tired is a Mythic progression Guild who are currently recruiting for Mythic and Nighthold progression. We are an active raiding guild based on Draenor Horde that looks to clear Mythic content before the release of the next tier. As you will no doubt read below we have some very ambitious goals set out for ourselves and we want you to be a part of this.



7/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare and 3/3 HC Trial of Valor.

Correct as of 10/01/2017.

About the guild

This Guild has been running for 8 years and was formed on Darksorrow Horde in the early days we took raiding a little less serious and just had fun and progressed at a slow pace, around the middle or Cataclysm We decided to take it a little more seriously and started to clear HC bosses at a decent pace.

When Mists of Pandaria was released the state of the Horde population on Darksorrow had rapidly declined and we made the decision to move to Stormscale after a few weeks of recruitment we was ready to take on Throne of Thunder which we did clearing all but the last 2 bosses on HC. When Siege of Ogrimmar was released we started this final Raid as a 10 man Guild but with 20 man Mythic on the horizon we decided to grow to a 25 man guild we cleared all of the content on HC and finished the 3rd best Guild on Stormscale.

We were all quietly confident on expanding on that in the new Expansion Warlords however due to it being a poor expansion a lot of people took a break. We did manage some mythic kills but not the heights we reached in Mists with Legion announced Slavelord rebuilt the Guild once more and had managed to clear 2/7M EN but the recruitment pool on Stormscale was starting to get stale so we decided to move to Draenor to better prepare ourselves and the Guild for Nighthold. Upon moving to Draenor we used the vast player base on the server to get a team together enabling us to clear 7/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare and get Cutting Edge before Nighthold release.

Our Aim for Nighthold is to be Top 20 on the server if not higher, and we feel this is a realistic goal with the group we have, and with the addition of a few top players we want to continue our fast paced progression whilst still maintaining a good atmosphere within the raid group. We intend to hit the ground running in Nighthold and clear HC in week one and hit Mythic upon release.



Resto Druid



Ret Pala



We are in need of some strong DPS to challenge our current roster.

All exceptional applications will be considered regardless of recruitment status so if you think that is you, please feel free to apply.


Raiding Schedule

Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday 08:30 - 11:00 pm Server Time. Raid invite's start 15 mins prior.


Attendance Required will be 3 out of 4 raid nights.

How To Apply

The quickest and most efficient way for you to apply would be through our website at http://tired.enjin.com/recruitment. You can in addition to this add me on Battle.net: Halkett#2238 or add me in-game on my Druid Shroomkinn for a chat. We will have a quick chat but you will always most likely be asked to fill out an application online regardless.

Extra Information

Please check out our guild website at http://tired.enjin.com for further information about the following as I will only briefly cover some of the points.

Loot We use an EPGP Lootmaster System.

We do Alt run's and various other guild activities on a frequent basis, our Guild Leader Slavelord puts a lot of time and thought into some great guild competitions and events which I am sure you will enjoy. Having a social aspect and community within the guild is something that over the years has been of great importance to the guild after all it's not all about raiding for a lot of players and that is something we are keen to keep building upon.

Guild Rules

The guild rules are available on our website and we would advise that you have a look over these and decide if these are acceptable to you, as you will be required to adhere to them at all times whilst representing the guild. We want the Tired name to be one that is respected within the community on Draenor and as the face of Tired you will be responsible for helping us build that image.

Contact Information

If you have any question's regarding the Guild, Recruitment or even about becoming a social member please feel free to contact one of the officers or guild leader.

Recruitment Officer: Shroomkinn - Battle Tag: Halkett#2238

Other Officers : Gellas, Vernox and Dìle

Guild Master: Slavélord

Feel free to add us and contact us we will be more than happy to chat.

Last of all, I appreciate you taking the time to read this post and I hope you consider joining us as me are most eager to hear from you. We wish you all the best of luck, Thank you.



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