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Opening the editor in that mode seems to be the default setting on our forum software now. I've spent some time trying to change that tonight, but I haven't managed to figure it out yet. It's possible that if you enable the formatting options and post like that, the editor will remember it or something, but I don't guarantee it.


It's hard to come up with a design that pleases everyone. The feedback we got on the new design is positive, for the most part, so that's a good thing. One problem with the old design is that it had a very amateurish look and it made it difficult to find partners to work with, be it ad agencies or other WoW website willing to enter some kind of partnership. For instance, last year we applied several times for the official Blizzard fansite program and we were rejected every time on the basis that the website's look and feel wasn't up to certain standards (we're an official fansite now).



I don't think it's the message I tried to convey. We did reduce the width of the website for advertisement purposes, but that's just one thing (amongst many) that changed with the new design tongue.png


really deny because of that - if you going to be a fansite to wow - shouldn't it be up to the fans and not the people who think your site look bad. I like the old look - like it more than wow site itself, so going off that - I would say wow site isn't up to certain standards than lol

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just had a full screen advertisement. Popped up and cycled through some character heads.


Is this the new norm?

No, it's not. We shouldn't be getting these things anymore. Guess I need to be much clearer with our ad agency.

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Hello everyone,


I am Michael Oglesby, the web designer who has been working with Damien and Vlad on the new design. I just want to say, thank you for all the positive comments on this Forum and on the Icy Veins Facebook page; it's been great to read that you are enjoying the new design.


I would like to take this opportunity to say that I written a small post about what I did on my own personal website. You can read about it as well as look at the images that I produced for Icy Veins:




Hope you enjoy it.


Best regards,



Merklynn - EU Twisting Nether


PS: @Peelyon Thank you for your kind words.

PPS: To the Moderators, Damien has given permission for me to post this, so please don't delete.

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