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Frost DK Relics issue

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Hi !

The two ice relics i have currently equiped or those :

- Fear of predation (+45, Ambidexterity)

- Unwaiking slumber (Heroic, +48, Nothing but the boots)

And I just dropped the Mythic version ofr Unwaiking slumber (+52 and also Nothing but the boots) and I have a hard time finding out over which relic to put this one.

On one hand , AMR tells me to put it over fear of predation, and sims this set up higher than just "upgrading" the unwaiking slumber.
And on the other one, when using Banther's ranking it would seem that i would have more valuer keeping Fear of predation and "upgrading" the unwaiking slumber.

Any advice ? 

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Unwaiking slumber would be the best. The ilvl is large, and nothing but the boots isn't too much lower than Ambi

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