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Hello! We are a fairly chill Heroic Guild looking to find more consistent raid members to fill our roster and be ready for Nighthold in a week. We are friendly and like to joke around a lot but we still take raid encounters seriously. Switching realms is NOT required at all (wouldn't recommend switching to a low pop anyways). We are looking to progress into Nighthold when it comes out in normal. Most of us are people who have played this game since at least vanilla/bc

We Raid on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30 PST to 10:30 PST.

What we need:

DPS: Ranged Or Melee Preferred ilvl 870+

Be able to show up consistently. (if you can not make it to one at least let us know)

We are NOT looking for perfectionism (occasional death is not the end of the world). We are also perfectly fine teaching people mechanics.

If anyone is interested please respond. 

And if you are worried about the name, we almost never discuss anime and if we do it's not for long before the guild leader shuts us up.

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