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<Better Than Yours>

Hello, I am Forthejim and I am the leader of <Better Than Yours>! We are looking for experienced, fun players to help us progress through legion. We are a laid back squad of dedicated raiders looking to clear out the content and progress smoothly, but we can not do this alone. We need the help of other dedicated people who know how to play their class, understand the fights, and want to have fun while progressing.

7/7 H 3/3 N

Raid Times:
Fri + Sat: 10pm - 1am

We will be updating our main needs in here but we are always recruiting anyone who is looking for a fun home. 

Raiding Requirements:
850+ ilvl and an understanding of your class and role.

Current Needs:
1 Tank, Pref Druid or Warrior

1 Monk
1 Shammy

Demon Hunter

All exceptional players!



We run pugs throughout the week, have a great community, do a tri-weekly guild lotto and offer repairs. If you have any other questions, always feel free to PM me or one of our officers on (BattleTag:) Forthejim#1703, ashnkitties#1576 

If you have decided your guild is not good enough for you, remember one important thing. We are <Better Than Yours>!

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