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arcane mage dps

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Hello fellow mages

I just have a few questions hopefully someone out there can help me with.

1) Should I be using arcane power and/or do i need 4 stacks of arcane charge before i cast mark of aluneth. (if so should i wait to cast mark of aluneth when arcane power is ready or just cast when off cool down. I know it says always say a rune of power for this but not sure if AP and arcane charge help this spell.

2) When arcane power is activated what spell is more important for me to cast arcane blast or arcane missiles. From what i read on here it seems like arcane missiles has a higher priority over arcane blast, but with overpower talent and the massively reduced mana cost of arcane blast it seems to me to be smarter to do arcane blast. 


3) Just want to know peoples thought on the set bonus coming out and which one seems to be the best. I have heard arcane is not very good because the 4 set sucks unless you have the legendary helm that gives you 2 evo. This true? What spec has best set bonuses?

4) Right now which spec will be doing the best in pve? I love fire and arcane, but seems from what i see frost will have the best numbers.


Thank you in adv for any help.



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Mark of Aluneth doesn't benefit from arcane charges unfortunately so that you don't have to worry about it.   For the burn phase though you want to make sure you do have 4 charges cast rune of power then arcane power.   

Your biggest dmg dealing spell in the burn phase is Arcane blast

See the following link or rotation


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1) Yeah you definitly want to get 4 AC for Burn Phase. Just take Charged Up Talent and you are good to go.
2) With Overpowered you want to play Arcane Blast on single target, however with 2 or more targets you want to play with Arcane Explosion since the dmg is way higher.
3)The 4 Set Bonus is pretty damn nice since you can get you evo back on a long fight like Gul'dan or Elisand, with more evoes you can run out of Mana and instant regenerate it.

4)Arcane does fine in PVE don't know about frost but should be viable right now woth all the changes.

I hope it helped you!
If you have any questions dont hesitate and pm me.

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