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We are a smaller Heroic Guild that is looking for Players in order to fill out our raid for the Nighthold. On non raid nights we run Mythic +, Karazhan, and sometimes do old world achievement runs.

Our raid times are Friday and Saturday from 7pm to 11pm Server.
Our raid is currently 7/7 H EN and 1/3 H ToV.
Wednesday at 8pm we hold an alt/off spec Normal EN run for fun.

What we look for players:
A good attitude.
Willingness to learn.

We would like to recruit the following:
Healers: Druid, Shaman, Monk, Pally
Tanks: 1 tank spot left.
DPS: Any non leather, though the priority is on cloth DPS at this time.

We are willing to help gear the right people through Mythics and Mythic+. 

Our website:

You can also contact in game: Chaprone, Shadyhero, Shady, Makaroy#1433, Androstus, and Dspyder#1604.

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