[EU][Seasonal Softcore] <Wizard> Looking for Clan - Currently GR64, but no trouble to progress - Looking for Rift/Bounty/Achievement Groups

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I'll make it rather short, I am looking for a clan for all ingame stuff. I have started a new seasonal char after not playing for a looong long time, but game is easy and I am a lucky one, so I got BiS items already on my sorceress (what are wizards?) and am busy perfecting my equipment and leveling gems and stuff. I got Paragon Level 348 and finished GR64 (in 9 minutes with no trouble at all). I am sure I can go much higher, just delayed GRs right now to improve my equipment a bit more (still need weapon for Kanai's Cube).

I played 37 hours on my Sorc "Moosis" and started playing her 5 days ago, so you can tell I am the totally dedicated addicted type of player.

I still have some game knowledge to gain and stuff to do, that's why I want to be part of a clan of dedicated players (age 18+, don't mind 30+ either).


Edit: Moosis Character Profile EU Bnet

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      What do we expect from our players?
      Our raiders are expected to show up to almost every raid. Frequently missing raids does not help us progress. Missing some because of something important is fine, it just can't happen constantly.
      We expect all of our players to work and to be willing to work as a team. Success comes from willingness to sacrifice DPS, doing something that solely benefits the raid and not you, or even to give a spot for better team composition.
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      Have you grown tired of playing alone? Are random trolls and little kids sucking the life out of your game play? Looking for higher-ranked players to learn from? Stuck in "wood league" and can't quite figure out what you're doing wrong so you can rank up?

      The Marauders is an international, you heard it; international, multi-gaming clan that focuses on both skill and fun in select MOBAs and Shooters. You may ask why skill first? Simply because we have a heartfelt belief that as you grow and gain skill in your game, fun is a byproduct of winning more often!

      Unlike most clans, we don’t expect new applicants to already be extremely skilled at the game they main. We boast a roster of players at literally all skill levels, from Bronze to Grand Master. We help each other get better and even provide coaching. Aye, you read it right, we coach our newbie and Bronze league players. One of our chief goals is that our members achieve and maintain a high level of play and for that we have coaches, who have shown exquisite talent and are willing to pass their knowledge onwards.

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      Heya all,
      I know @Cablenerd already made a post for this but since he's currently not very active I'm (partly) taking over some of his recruiting.
      Our clan is called the Marauders and we are working heavily on our overwatch department. We are currently starting to form teams and will be having practice nights to work on general tactics/knowledge/skill in overwatch. Once a month we will hold an in-clan tourney between different teams in 6v6 as well as 3v3 and 1v1 situations.
      Obviously we are looking for YOU to join our ranks.
      If you are interested hop over to the website of awesomeness and submit an application. Make sure to mention me (LORDmeSH1NE) as your reference if you do.
      Do you have any questions or remarks? Don't hesitate to comment here or send me a message.
      I hope to more people coming in so we as a clan can be healthy and prosperous.
      Make sure to smile at least once every day. (especially after killing symmetra)