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[Velen][A]<Legendary Raiders> Raid/PvP/Casual

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<Legendary Raiders> was founded on April 17, 2007. We are one of the oldest and largest guilds on realm Velen and the largest on realm. Through the years, we have retained a happy, thriving roster of mature members ranging from casuals to semi-hardcore raiders and PvPers. We offer a full weekly calendar of events to satisfy all interests (details below.) Wherever you may be in the expansion, we have a home for you here!


Raiding with <Legendary Raiders>

Our successful raid teams are led by experienced raiders who dedicate their time to researching raid content & executing strategies. Our raid team members are expected to know their class & fights and regularly attend the raids they've committed to; as well as coming prepared with raiding provisions, gems, enchants, etc. We use Vent for voice chat.


Learn more about our raiding on our website: http://legendaryraiders.guildlaunch.com/sections/raiding


Legion Progression (As of 1/16/17)

- Ranked #14 progression on server (#7 Alliance side of server)

- Emerald Nightmare 7/7 H

- Trial of Valor 3/3 H

- Nighthold (will start content progression on launch night)



Our Raid Teams


Weekday Progression (Tues/Thurs/Fri @ 9 PM - 11:30 PM EST)

- Mythic EN progression & H ToV progression; moving on to Nighthold the week it drops

- Recruiting DPS & Heals (nonspecific)

- Looking to fill a 20-man Mythic core team with 5 potential subs

- Loot: EPGP addon, priority given to core* raiders

* To be a core raider, a member must demonstrate consistent: attendance, performance, teamwork, and positivity


Late Night Progression (Fri/Sat @ 11:30 PM - 2 AM EST)

- Heroic EN progression & N ToV progression; in addition to Nighthold the week it drops

- Recruiting ALL (DPS, Heals, Tanks)

- Loot: Personal loot


Learning & Alt Gear Team (Sunday @ 9 PM - 11 PM EST)

- A relaxed run to learn the fights, gear alts, and have fun

- Progression will always fall a step behind the other two teams

- Recruiting ALL (DPS, Heals, Tanks)

- Loot: Personal loot


PvPing with <Legendary Raiders>

Our PvP team is led by experienced PvPers who have a passion for wrecking face. We don't expect perfection, but we expect those who sign up to show up and to give 100% while running with us. We are looking to grow as a team and new players are just what we need. Our current core team is set, but that is subject to change based on attendance and performance.  As a member of our PvP team you are expected to know the general basics or PvPing (i.e. know your class, have common knowledge of each battleground and the strats for each Map)


Our PvP team has room for any and all classes, however, we are in high need of Rogues and Monks.


Learn more about our PvPing on our website:  http://legendaryraiders.guildlaunch.com/sections/pvping  Or, ask Kybella- Eonar, Kendorah#1141, our PvP officer Or Velkan-Velen, our PvP lead.



Legion Progression (As of 1/8/17)

- Ranked #2 on the server (#2 on Alliance side of server)

- Our team wins at least one RBG every time. Our team is always pushing to improve and we will only get better; all the more reason to come  join us and help make <Legendary Raiders> even more Legendary!


PvP Team

- Consists of a Core RBG Team that runs Wednesday & Saturday nights @ 9:00 EST

- RBGs for non-Core members are ran on Friday nights @ 7:30 EST

- Minimum recruit requirements: All honor spells unlocked and 1st Prestige

- Looking to recruit all classes and specs, willing to coach if needed for PvP

- Required addons for our PvP team can be found at our guild page at http://legendaryraiders.guildlaunch.com/sections/pvping

- Looking for more PvPers to progress our 2s/3s Arena teams and push progression in our RBGs


Rated BG Team

We currently have 10 Core RBG Players who are dedicated and show up each and every week for our runs. The goal is to have multiple teams running at the same time.


Random BG's

Throughout the week we run random BG's to help those who need to boost up their honor levels and use this opportunity to work on team fights. It's always more fun doing randoms with Guildies!



Currently those who need or want to do Arenas will get set up with a partner, we like to try and pair people who compliment each others classes. These are ran throughout the week.



Being Casual with <Legendary Raiders>

Legendary Raiders offers more than accomplished raiding and victorious PvP.

Our members are mature people with busy lives who play for fun.  That means the social aspect of guild membership is very important to them, which means we’re very popular.  With 450+ individual players and 1,400+ toons in our main and alt guild, there’s an incredibly good chance you’ll find someone to play with.

All of our guild members are exposed to:

- Frequent social events such as: games, trivia contents, speed runs, flask photo mobs, scavenger hunts, and the like

- Roster of friendly, fully-leveled profession masters to help craft items

- Lively guild chat and Vent chat

- Weekly Mythic+ dungeon runs

- Weekly World Boss & LFR guild group runs

- Two guild banks

- Achievement runs for old & new content

- Active social media presence exclusive to guild members

- Guild lotto to win gold jackpot

- Officer leadership team that is active and constantly present to fill member needs and interests


Contacts - We want to speak with you! :) Whisper us today!

- Kiska-Velen, Kiska#1969 (GM)

- Çyrus-Velen, Dage#1504 (Raid Officer)

- Kybella-Eonar, Kendorah#1141 (PvP Officer)

- Crisspiano-Velen, Criss#1651 (Communications Officer/Recruitment)

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