[Player][H]853 Holy Priest Looking for New home, Willing to Faction Change

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Hello everyone

I am available for raid Monday and Thursday after 8 pm CST Saturday and Sunday after 8:30 pm CST and the rest of the days are fine for whatever time.  I am willing to faction and server change for the right home.  The right home will be a progression guild, semi-hardcore, kind, helpful, great attitudes, have been around a long time and will not fall apart and are actually getting through the content. The right home will have a spot open for me immediately and willing to backtrack to help get me ready for your content if I am not there already.  If this is your guild, and you want me in it, I promise I will bust my butt to help ensure the success of this guild. I am well aware that this is a two way street, I am self sufficient and require no charity.  I am a great guy and am just tired of all of the bad luck I have. I am a BC baby, started really raiding in Lich King.  I have had nothing but bad luck all of the years I have been playing.  You can contact me by adding my btag which is spiritusanct#1204 or ill even one up and throw my email which is  If you contact me and are serious about taking me in, I will give my phone number so communication is always there.  I am very serious and am going to take a leap here soon.  I main this holy priest and have put some serious work in.  My luck has just been very bad and have never been with a successful raiding guild.  I will not settle for anything less than the exact home I want, I will not jump in bed with any guild, so please be very open and honest with me so I can make the right decision.  If I am going to spend money to come to you, I want it to be worth it.  Thank you very much and have a great day.

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Horde, willing to change faction

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