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Hello, and welcome to Epsilon! 

Epsilon longstanding English-speaking 10 man raiding guild, that has existed since our creation in 2007 on Nordrassil and since 2014 on Draenor-EU, but went inactive and became a social guild. Now Epsilon is back and recruiting for Legion raiding and more!  Historically, we have been primarily made up of a group of gaming friends that have played with each other since Classic WoW and are constantly picking up new members along the way.

We are a three times a week raiding guild looking to reform our team moving into legion.

We raid on:
Monday 20:00-23:00 Server time

Wednesday 20:00-23:00 Server time

Thursday  20:-23:00 Server Time


Currently recruiting all classes and specs, also an exceptional Raid Leader with good attitude.


We are now looking to empower our raiding team, and continue to next raid encounter (EN cleared, TOV 2/3, NH 1/10 ).

We also want to explore other elements of the game, like pvp and achievements.

We have two main priorities in this guild
1)    To complete all content whilst it remains relevant
2)    To have a good time whilst doing step 1

Individual Requirements:

We are looking for reliable, loyal, fun and mature people to make the team and the guild a happy place and a home to be in, where raiding is as important as the social aspect :) Previous raiding experience is a big plus, but we welcome anyone that is passionate about progressing, be it someone that just came back to the game, someone that just started or a seasoned player :)

Due to the fact that we raid three times a week, we expect our raiders to bring a good attitude and focus as well as having close to 100% attendance, we do however realize that this is a game and understand that everybody has real life commitments.

Guild Setup and Loot Distribution:

We currently use a master loot system. Loot is a tool that allows us to progress further in raids.




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