[Arthas][H] <Unhuman> (EN:7/7M ToV:2/3M) Recruiting (Francais)

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[US-Arthas][H]Unhuman (French) EN:7/7M ToV:3/3H www.unhuman.ca

Unhuman is RECRUITING!

Forum: http://forum.unhuman.ca/forum/7-recrutement/


- [Raid] Starlight Bros EN:7/7M ToV:2/3M 2day Tuesday and Wednesday 7hpm to 11hpm (EAST)

- [Raid] Fluffy EN:7/7M ToV:3/3H 2day Wednesday and Thursday 6h15pm to 9h15pm (EAST)

- [Raid] Éminence EN:5/7M ToV: 3/3H 2day Tuesday and Wednesday 7hpm to 10hpm (EAST)

- [Raid] Les Gosus de Notre-Dame EN:1/7M ToV:2/3H 2day Tuesday and Wednesday 7hpm to 10hpm (EAST)



- We're still looking for a PvP Leader, if you're interested see with Jovovich#1699


- More than 500 account

Unhuman is a performing raiding guild with multiple raid groups, it's one of the biggest, for not saying the biggest one, french community on World of Warcraft US. We have over 500 active accounts. Unhuman has been created in December 2006 and will continue to live for a long time, Unhuman is trying to give to our raiders everything they need to be focus only on good progression!. Unhuman is always looking for new players of all kind, PvE or PvP, even with Battle pets or Archeologists or anything else you can do in the game....You will be sure to find your way with Unhuman!

For any question...

- http://unhuman.ca/
- Jovovich-Arthas, Guild Master
- Murielle-Arthas, Officier
- Jdo-Arthas, Officier
- Mottuer-Arthas, Officier
- Izzaeth-Arthas, Officier

- Kaiser-Arthas, Officier

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