Arcane Mage BIS Trinkets and Gear

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Hello fellow arcane players,
i need a list of BIS Trikets and Gear from Nighthold or other Sources (7.1.5 ofc) . If you have one pls comment!
Thanks in advance for you help.

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Blizzard post (I got info via MMO-champion) shows some hotfixes coming in on these.  Which is good since we don't want EN trinkets to be better than Nighthold ones.  I presume that means Star gate maybe a BIS trinket?  Also Whispers in the dark was nerfed recently and KJ legendary trinket was buffed, but I don't know if the Altered time data is pre or post nerf / buff. 

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the latest Trinket list based on ilvl. it's from alter-time forum after trinket buff/nerf. So, it will be the most stable list for now.

i'm using 860 Unstable Acanocrystal + 870 Bough of Corruption over 870 Aran Ruby Trinket after seeing this list.


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