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[Sargeras][A] <Basic> 7/7 H EN, 3/3 H ToV, 5/10 N NH

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"A shameless rip off of someone else's recruiting post that fit our needs. They are filthy horde anyways"

Who we are:
First and foremost we are casual and relaxed players with IRL responsibilities and other hobbies. We play to have fun and play to our best ability. We smoke, we joke, we drink, we curse, and we make some terrible puns; but we are also welcoming, friendly, and open-minded.

Secondly, we love this game, the lore, and we love raiding. We try to squeeze every bit of content out of the time we have to play and push our ilvl's potential to its limit. To do that we try our best every time we log on, research fights and our class with our free time, and learn quickly; we expect our raiders to be on top their game as well but also forgive when IRL aggro keeps you away from the game or cuts your raid time short.

We are looking for active players with 865+ ilvl.

Who we aren't:
We are not Mythic Raiders nor are we hardcore or strict.
We are not looking for top parsers or hardcore players. If you are looking to do Mythic raiding, look elsewhere.
While we are casual and raid only 2 nights a week, we are not here to carry you or wait for you to catch up. We will help you improve and sharpen your skills and farm M+ to get gear, but we expect all players to be competent and knowledgeable.

We use Discord as our central source for communication and coordination on availability.
Primarily a CST/EST guild with high activity from 6pm CST until 11pm and generally have people on all day Saturday and Sunday.
We have no requirements or expectations for attendance or weekly play, but we do ask that if you planned on attending a scheduled raid that you communicate that to the guild and if you can't make the raid anymore that you also communicate that as well.

Raid Recruitment
7/7H 3/3H 5/10N 8 man raid team looking to expand back to 15-18 raiders to push Heroic Nighthold.
Tuesday and Thursday pulling trash at 7:30pm CST until 10:00pm CST.
865+ ilvl minimum. DPS must pull at minimum 250k DPS.  I would expect 870+ to pull 300k+, and 880+ to be in the 400k+ range.
Show up relatively sober, show up on time. Know your class, your role, and the fights. Be chill and expect wipes and time to be spent on learning the fights and going over strategies.
Roles Needed:
Healers - Anything not Priest, unless you are a skilled Disc priest.
DPS - All specs. Melee or ranged are needed or desired.

If any of that sounds good with you please contact myself or my fellow founders with the methods below:
Guild Master(me) - In game toon: Clenzil-Sargeras(my main) or Wydan-Sargeras(my alt) BNET ID: Drakard#1367
Primary Not-Guild-Master - In game toon: Littleboyblu BNET ID: littleboyblu#1198

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