[Tichondrius][H] <Enclave> (10/10 N | 3/10 HC) LF Core Raiders

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Nighthold: 10/10 Normal | 3/10 Heroic

Server: Tichondrius

Faction: Horde


We are a fresh, semi-hardcore raiding guild recruiting reliable players to fill our raid group. We have an experienced raid lead as well as a small core and are looking for others of similar skill to start our first heroic into mythic progression.


Raid Schedule:

Wednesday & Thursday, Saturday (Optional)

6:00 - 9:00 PM PST


Currently Recruiting:

  • Fire Mage
  • Non-Paladin Healer(Pref Resto Druid)
  • Other DPS Classes Welcome!



We're looking for reliable players around 870 ilvl who are able to demonstrate considerable knowledge, skill, and initiative while raiding.  When facing new challenges, our raiders should be prepared with necessary consumables and a functional understanding of each encounter's mechanics.  While not always required, have Discord for encounters requiring communication.  We value a fun, entertaining social atmosphere but we expect our raiders to understand when it's time to focus up and act accordingly.



Anæsthetist - Alice#1611

Recruitment Officer


Bitterra - Bitterra#1728

Guild Master

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Hello there, I've added your recruitment officer to real id. I main ele shaman and my friend mains prot warrior. I'm ilvl 875 with 7/10 exp normal NH and my friend is 5/10 normal his prot warrior is 880 ilvl.  My friend the prot warrior he's in arms spec because we just did a mythic + earlier with a friend of ours who tanks. This is my ele I've been playing since 2005 the last time I raided with a guild was in Cataclysm, since then I've been pugging content but we're both looking to find a place where we can find similar exp players to play with.

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