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[Stormrage][A] <Mythics> (EN (H) 7/7) New Guild LF Mythic+ Tank / Heal

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Hi all, 

Are you a night owl?

Do you prefer laid-back and casual environment?

Are you tired of getting rejected or waiting on queues?

Do you perfectly understand your class and dungeon mechanics; yet still suffer from horrible pugs and random interesting (challenged) players?

Would you be happy with a guild full of TALENTED yet PATIENT players?

If the answers are Yes, please consider us!


<Guild Info & Background>

I started a new guild to recruit the select few. I was a member of  a hard-core raiding guild and the pressure and expectation from the group were not healthy at all. I ended up leaving the guild, started afresh in Stormrage, and now playing 877 hunter. I am enjoying the game without much pressure but now often wait in queues too long and suffer from players who do not understand Mythic+ and raid mechanics. 

I finally decided to start my own guild to connect with some regular players who share my pain. As explained, I am not interested in expanding fast and progressing under pressure. I am starting slow and first want to build a strong Mythic+ group to complete +10~15 Mythic+ on a weekly basis. As the guild naturally expands, I will start raid progressions but for now, the primary focus is having a strong group for Mythic+ and slowly progressing. 

So far, I have 2 regular DPS members who are very talented. Anyone is really welcome to join us but we are actively seeking for Tanks and Healers at the moment. 



The members are night owls and we usually get on around 11:00 pm (server time) and play flexible hours til the morning. I usually play  2-8 hours once I get on, so you will definitely see me around. 


If you are interested, pst Patrol in game.





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