[Dalaran][A]<Untitled> recruiting 10/10N 4/10H

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Progression raid times: 8:00 - 11:00 PM EST(server) Tues,Thursday

Loot system: Personal / Loot Council / suicide

Guild Established: Legion 7.0 2016


<Untitled> is a young Alliance progression raiding guild on the Dalaran realm. Our goal is to provide a stable, structured, fun, progression oriented community of players with an emphasis on longevity and growth. Additionally we want to better ourselves and the others around us to push through content in legion and beyond.


What you expect to get from <Untitled>

  • Knowledgeable raid leadership

  • Long lasting friendships in addition to progression

  • A guild that enjoys killing bosses and plan on doing so for a while

  • Informative Discord

  • Mature and Fun environment


Progression History

  • Emerald Nightmare N(7/7) H(7/7) M(2/7)

  • TOV N(3/3) H(2/3)

  • Night Hold currently N(10/10) H(4/10) still progressing



If you’re interested in becoming a member of <Untitled> or have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us in game or add our battle tag and go from there.

  • GM: Maximus (wallac3#1437)

  • GM: Phyxios

  • Officer: Eluudon

  • Officer: Dotoberfest

  • Officer: Dikopedia

  • Officer: Mathatron (math#11436)

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