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[Draenor][H] <The Hordey Bunch> (6/10N) Casual raiding guild looking for more!

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The Hordey Bunch is looking for more active friendly players! 

We are a casual raiding guild with an emphasis on the social aspect of the game.
Many of us have stuck together for several years over various games and have now returned to WoW to battle the Burning Legion! 
We have 10-15 active raiders and are looking to add a couple of new faces to our group in order to ensure that we always have the minimum 10 to raid.
We'll gladly help people level and/or gear, and we run several mythics and mythic + on a weekly basis.
Our attitude to raiding is very relaxed, we dont mind wiping a whole night if we get some laughs and fun out of it! Neither do we mind mistakes as long as there's a will to learn and improve. (We may however name that specific type of mistake after you and tease you a bit for it.)

We have a facebook group to keep in touch out of the game and a teamspeak sever that is very active! There will almost always be a couple of people logged on in the evenings, chatting and playing something together.

Our raid times are 21.00-00.00 server time. On Wednesdays and Sundays we have progression raids, which at the moment of writing this is Nighthold nornal (6/10). Saturdays we run cleared raids to get som extra gear.

We are mainly looking for dps and an extra healer or two but will consider a tank if it's the right person behind the keyboard!

To summarize, joining The Hordey Bunch wouldn't just mean joining a new guild. It would also potentially mean finding friends for life and an extra online family.

If you're interested /w anyone online and ask to be directed to an officer or contact me, Keelii#21873, on battlenet for a chat and a potential invite.

Link to armory:

We hope to hear from you soon!

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