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VanillaTryHards is a guild created by long time raiding buddies that have played various games together since the start of WoW.  We raid at a 2 night a week pace and making progress each night.  We are currently looking for ranged dps to fill out the raid roster.  Roster turnover is an unfortunate part of the game and we will need to fill 1-2 spots to continue killing bosses in a competitive manner.

Our raid schedule is Tuesday and Thursday 8:30-11:30 EST with the occasional night going until 12:00.  We expect our raiders to show up with knowledge of the fights and prepared to raid, but be able to also have a sense of humor.  The guild provides consumables after the two week initiate period as long as contributions are made in one form or another. We don't expect raiders to be parsing in the top 5% but do ask that a respectable skill level be maintained in the primary role.

If you have any questions or are interested in finding out more about the guild please contact me (mONGOLIAN#1793), teslacoil#1910 or Fatalbite in game or respond here and we will get in touch.  Thanks for reading!

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