[Argent Dawn][A] <Oakcrest> (4/10M) wants you!

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Currently VERY interested in a couple of good DPS and one or two skilled healers


Who are we?

We're Oakcrest, a guild of semi-hardcore raiders on Argent Dawn Alliance, and we need you!

What do we do?
We raid! 3 nights a week, plus one optional night to clear farm content.

Our raid times are:

Wednesday - 19:30-23:00
Thursday (Optional, non-progress) - 19:00-undefined
Sunday - 18:30-22:00
Monday - 19:30-23:00

All times are in server time.

What do we need?
You! Probably.

We are looking for people with:
-A good self-depreciating sense of humour
-Some raid experience (not entirely necessary if you prove you are mythic material)
-A solid knowledge of your class
-The patience and tact it takes to navigate the minefield of mythic raiding

Current progress:

- 7/7M Emerald Nightmare (Cutting Edge)
- 2/3M Trials of Valor
- 4/10M Nighthold

Current recruitment status:
We're looking for DPS and one or two healers that feel they have what it takes to raid in a semi-hardcore environment where we take our progress seriously but make sure to have fun doing it.

Think you've got what it takes?
Apply to any of the officers: Yvaleth, Roegar, Kizuya, Ixirar, Pawleena, Inodas - My battle.tag is Ixirar#2439 for cross realm applicants

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Oakcrest killed Krosus a while back and are now recruiting good healers and DPS, any interested parties can contact me on Discord (At Ixirar#7580) or any of the officers listed in the OP ingame. My battle.tag is Ixirar#2439

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