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Tank Spec, playing Damage Role

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I was wondering if playing a Vengeance DH in a 5 man instance and selecting only the DAMAGE role would affect the real tank in any way? I don't see any spells for the Vengeance DH that specifically draw aggro from the tank. My G.F. was in such an instance with me and they were all telling the tank she could not play because she was stealing aggro. Booted. She was not the tank in the instance, so I fail to see why she could not just play as a damage role as she finds the damage (DPS) to be better. Any thoughts? This specific question seems to be hard to find an answer for and non existent for a DH.

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Vengeance isn't a DPS specialization it's a Tank specalization. All of Vengeance's attacks cause substantially more threat than any DPS spec regardless of what the tool tips state. If she is seeing her Vengeance spec do more damage than her Havoc spec she is playing Havoc incorrectly.  I was going to suggest checking out the havoc guide here on icy veins but after glancing at it it looks like a clusterfuck unless you know what you're doing.  They have an easy mode but it seems to be directed more at raiding than at group content https://www.icy-veins.com/wow/havoc-demon-hunter-pve-dps-easy-mode

If you guys are just doing dungeons I would have her look into the Demonic build as that provides fairly good dps along with increased surviveability.

2.3. Heavy AoE and Dungeons

7.1.5 has introduced a powerful build focused around capitalizing on the Demonic IconDemonic window for Havoc, that can be extremely powerful in AoE situations. In particular in Mythic+ with many soul fragments being available, this can be incredibly powerful for consistent AoE.



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