[Neptulon] [A] <NOIR BLANC> (7/7 M, 3/3 H, 10/10HC) LF Ranged DPS and Healers!

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Hello there, let me update you all on our current standing. We are a guild that hangs at Neptulon, cross-server with Darksorrow and Genjuros.
We are a very progressive guild when we manage to scrape up 20 people for it. Currently we have 15 solid strong players in our core. We're currently lacking ranged dps - Mage, Shadow Priest, Warlock and Hunter. If you are interested in raiding Mythic current content, and you are comfortable in your class, up to date on gear(can be sorted if you're a little behind), and will perform well. Make sure to leave a post here!
We recently lost our holy paladin, which is the most wanted healer up for recruitment at the moment. But a resto shaman, holy priest or MW monk are also up for recruitments.

Our goal is to get the strongest core we possibly can to finish the current mythic content in a good pace.
We raid 3 days a week - Wed, Thurs and Sunday from 2000-2300.

Have a good day otherwise! :)

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