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Needs help on Ebonlocke

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Hello everyone, I've been at the ebonlocke since 5.2 any advice?


Don't get caught up trying to "beat him" all at once.  Take it in steps.  Master phase 1, recognize and celebrate your mastery of phase 1 as an accomplishment. Then move on to phase 2, master it, celebrate and so on.  If you start thinking about the entire fight and worrying in advance of a phase you're not yet in, you can easily psych yourself out and get overwhelmed.  If you take the fight phase by phase, and recognize that each phase is a mini-fight in itself, you won't be disappointed that you only made it to phase too two, but happy that you mastered phase 1.  


Do this and his death will take care of itself.  It's a tough fight, but mostly psychologically.  People tend to freak out and panic which leads to countless wipes and continued frustration.  If you follow my advice on mastering each phase and manage your frustration levels, you will get there regardless of gear level.


If this doesn't work for you, gear up through LFR once 5.4 drops and taking another run at it with 522 gear.  The 60 second gateway threat debuff will certainly make things easier as well. 

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TBH, not sure how you're not seeing the tips you need to get past any phase of the fight with the two threads here that were even linked for you.  Take some time to read through them and you'll see a plethora of techniques to get past each phase of the encounter, including the Felhunter phase.

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