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[Silvermoon][A] <Guilty> (3/10) Mythic Seeking Exceptional Players

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About us:
<Guilty> is an old guild been alive for over 10 years and counting, With a very solid player base with long lasting members in it. We are organized and take raiding seriously, yet we maintain a good social status as well 

We are a mature guild in the sense that our players are between 20-60 years of age and most of us are in our 30's and 40's by now. We, unfortunately, do not accept people under the age of 18 since our raid times are a bit later than usual and we use a lot of mature +18 content on TeamSpeak and guild chat.

We do it all on a social level. We have a guild facebook page, web page, guild whatsapp chat, officer meetings, guild meetings and of course use teamspeak for every raid as well as randomly social business.

Pro-active people such as raid leaders or achievement junkies will have a free hand in setting up their own events and will always have capable people interested in joining them in their crusades.

We do have boosting groups with mains and alts 890+ who can help out in any M+ / Nighbane etc around the clock

What we are looking for:

We are looking for players over the age of 18 that feel at home in a long lasting semi-hardcore yet social guild with a large player base. We look for a team player and someone with equal or higher progress and game knowledge.

We seek people for mythic progression & people that are looking for a home.
Our main shout goes out to people ready to jump into mythic with HC progress at least and a raider mindset. 

If you can't handle +18 jokes this is NOT the place for you

Raiding Times:
We do not add hidden raid days
All raids made over in-game Calendar for raiders rank and above including trials

Raid Times (all times are Server Time)
Wednesday: 20:45 - 00:00 (main Raid)
Thursday    : 20:45 - 00:00 (main Raid)
Friday          : 20:45 - 00:00 (Social raid unless progression is needed)
We might add one extra day based on riders needs and that would be mostly Mondays.

Despite this being a recruitment thread, we will not just take in anyone randomly, yet we will consider some social players as well as raiders if they can sell themselves in a good matter to us.

Website: Http://the-guilty.guildlaunch.com
Realm: Silvermoon-EU

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