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[Draenor] [H] <Not Like This> (3/3 HC 10/10 HC)

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<Not Like This> was formed up just before EN raid. We are a mature guild with reasonable boundaries. We have top quality players for our healer,tank and dps roster. We are looking forward to add up some good players to our roster for our NH mythic roster.

We raid two days, and an additional day for progressor alt run purposes which is not mandatory for people to join.


*** We are recruiting DPS *** (full on paladin, DHs and hunters atm BUT exceptional players will be considered no matter what.)

(at this point you need to be at least 880 ilevel and have EN - ToV experience. Exceptional players are always welcome)

[ For further communication you can add me on bnet: Evsizpire#2796 , Kharuw#2322]

Apart from the cool name (obviously) we provide a friendly raiding atmosphere. Most of our members are working-people. If not, they are mature. And we are progressing pretty nice and smoothly.

ATM we are 7/7 HC and 3/3 HC , 10/10 N and 10/10 HC atm.

Recently, toxic behaviour becomes more and more common sadly. In these times we decided to make a guild where that kind of behaviour is not tolerated, where u are not yelled while doing raid (after a certain age it feels just wrong). We want to kill bosses and have fun meanwhile.

When we wipe we look for mistakes and solve them. We always take logs and discuss on what can be done to improve our gameplay. When sb dies, we ask why they died, and we solve the mistake together in a friendly environment. We want you to perform as good as possible tho, if u are underperforming over and over (which haven't happened yet) you will be asked to sit out. We need you to be cool with it.

We use discord for raid. And we have a facebook group for further communication among guildies...

What we expect from you:

- Get your enchants,gems,food,flasks and potions before raids.
- Provide your repair gold
- Be cool if you are asked to sit out.
- Watch the tactics
- 75% Attendance
- Everyone can make mistakes, that is OK. We want you to work on those and solve them.
- Join us on discrod. If u are a shy one u don't have to talk :) but we'll open you up in time.

We raid on Thursday and Sundays.
On Thursday we start at 19:30 to 22:00 and rarely to 23:00.
On Sundays we Start at 18:30 to 22:00 and rearely to 23:00.
We have progression raids on Tuesdays with a selected people if necessary. Joining this is not mandatory.

We will be using ML with an addon helping our officers + myself. We'll consider following things when we distribute loot:

1st - high attendance
2nd - we have a route to gear up our roster. starting with dps heavy gearing.

To sum up, we'll always be working to make the better and rational choice when it comes to guild management and raiding. We expect our members to give feedbacks and improve our gaming quality if they see any better way about any topic.

IF you are looking for a new start, smooth raid atmosphere and good progress you are going to find them here...

You can talk with Kalmionis (or Sorza) ,Tuön , Lefer or Fidge -- about applying to guild.

Last but not least, GL HF guys!

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