[Skywall][H] <Wreckage> (7/7H 3/3N 2/10H) 30 man raiders LFM

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Wreckage is currently looking for people to raid with us. We are a part of a large wow community. We fill a 30 man group Tuesday and Wednesday at 9pm eastern and run until midnight.
We offer a fun and laid back raiding experience for people who want to progress through content, but are not looking for a militant forced march. We are an adult guild. 
We are looking for people interested in joining our guild. We have no problems filling a raid from our cross server community. We are looking to bolster our guild numbers. We are looking for 855+ DPS and healers.
We have been running free AotC runs throughout Legion. We want to help people raid who don't have access to raiding. If you want to come try us out you can contact me at hatchetwound#1714

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