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Dungeon Raiders is a guild with the top raiders from a few former guilds such as Agents of Oblivion as well as Incurable Insanity. We are currently short on members, however the current members are performing quite well, and are looking to bump the standard raid size to 20-25 man for heroic in order to have stand-by raiders for mythic once progression begins in the coming weeks.

We are currently open to all roles applying, and we are in very high demand of dps of all types and also are in need of one healer preferably restoration druid.

The guild website is dungeonraiders.shivtr.com please go there if you wish to apply or wish to contact an officer with any questions.

Raid days: tuesday wednesday and thursday from 8-11 Eastern Time.

We also run mythic plus progression groups on saturdays almost all afternoon, and all raiders are welcome to join.

Hope to see you join us in our adventure to reform the list top raiding guilds on our server.

Another way to contact an officer is by my email: Korahh.twitch@gmail.com

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