[Ragnaros][H]<Passion of the Sheep> is LF Healers and DPS for Hc and M NH

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Passion of the Sheep is a very active raiding guild on horde side Ragnaros-EU. We are looking for new potential roster members for our heroic and mythic team. We are a fairly large guild, consisting of members from two guilds that have recently merged. We raid 3 times a week (Sun 7-11, Mon 8-11, Wed 8-11, server time).

We do not consider ourselves a hardcore guild, but we strive to push for serious progress and are just dipping our toes into mythic NH progression. We are generally very active with a friendly community, and we do a bunch of M+ and fun pvp on the side as well.

We're looking for well geared healers (especially holy paladins, tho any will be considered) and DPS (currently not recruiting Warriors), to trial for our main roster. If you're interested, then get in touch with me for more info!

I can be contacted in this thread, via pm or in game (Achnos-Ragnaros EU).

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