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Morning all.

I'm new to WoW here in beautiful 2017. I've played a few toons (<--and have read enough to start picking up lingo) on my trial account and decided to plunge in and upgrade yesterday. Right now I'm playing a Troll warrior on Dalaran and having a blast, but I didn't put much thought into realm selection (I didn't know I could choose at first, Blizzard just placed me in one).

Guilds seem to be a large part of the experience, so I thought I should start looking as I don't want to get to level 50 in Dalaran and meet people in another realm whose guild I'd like to join!

I'm casual with my play hours (1.5-2 hours nightly once the family is in bed), but serious about those hours as I'm reading everything I can find during the day. My goal is to be proficient at my class and contribute to the group. I'm open to any profession. I'm mostly interested in PvE with raids once I'm a high enough level. I'm currently a level 21 Warrior Troll, but willing to switch Faction/Race/Class if needed (though perhaps not Druid...I want to see the armor I've worked so hard for).

Thanks in advance,


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