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[Outland][A] <Abstracity> Guild Recruitment

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So as you clicked on this thread I would assume that your on Outland and your Alliance well if the answer to those questions is yes this is the place to be we are a newly formed raiding guild looking to progress through Nighthold and to do runs through EN Mythic our raid schedule is as followed:

Friday, Mythic EN - 7:00PM GMT - 10:00PM GMT

Saturday, Nighthold progression - 7:00PM GMT - 10:00PM GMT

We will also have the occasional midweek raid but it wont be anything too exciting it'll just be alt runs or something !


A working and clear mic.


14 Years of age +

ILvl 860+ - (You can also join our guild to be a social member which means you can be any LvL / iLvl)

3 Relics for your artifact.

Social aspects:

Like I briefly mentioned there is a social rank in our guild which is there for you to have while gearing or levelling (we are not a guild which lets people in just to talk we are a serious guild) which means that when you hit the min iLvl of 860 you will be made trial raider which means you can hang around and do some midweek raids with us to show us what you can do.

Contact Us !:

So, you made it to the end well done ! Now if you are still interested which hopefully you are you can contact us in multiple ways, Battle.Net 

My Battle.Net is - ShepherdRiel#2175

You can also contact us by commenting on this thread with this template.

<Wow Characters Name>[Your Full Battle.Net]<Your iLvl>[Your class / main spec]

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you soon !

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