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[Area-52][H] <Immortalis Ex> is recruiting!

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<Immortalis Ex> is recruiting!
Immortalis Ex 7-hour team raids two nights a week, three and a half hours each night. In order to clear the toughest content in the game on such a light schedule we need a roster full of the best. As such, recruitment is always open to all exceptional players regardless of class, spec, or role. 

We believe competition is healthy and encourage any player who feels they can compete with someone of their role in our current roster to apply.

Cross Realm Trials available

Currently Seeking:

High Priority - Frost DK, Resto Shaman, Holy/Disc Priest

Med Priority - Holy Pally, Resto Druid, Mistweaver Monk

No priority but welcome to apply - All Tanks

-Recruitment is always open to all exceptional players

About Us - 

We are a normal sized but tight knit guild. We are rather democratic in all the things we do. It is the opinion of our GM Skorr and the Officer Corps that everybody's voice should be heard. The humor in the guild is always great, but is nearly always adult as well. If adult humor and vulgarity isn't your thing, than it might not be a good idea to swing our way. We love to have casual players, feel free to join in and have some fun with us!

***Toxic behavior is unacceptable and you will only receive a few warnings before receiving the boot!***

Recruitment Ethos

Ideal candidates maintain an enviable level of knowledge in regards to their class with a proactive attitude towards progression. Our community is humorous and active; theory crafting and strategics are both held in high regard. Dependable and appropriate levels of attendance are expected.

A stable internet connection and machine capable of running necessary add-ons during graphically intensive 20 man encounters is required. Discord and a working microphone with an understanding of how to communicate pertinent information is also required.

Raid Schedule
Same during farm content.
Schedule is given in EST, which is server time on Area 52.
7 Hour Team - Wednesday, Thursday: 7:30PM-11PM (1930-2300)

Loot Distribution - Loot Council

Current Progression - We are pushing through heroic Nighthold.

10/10 N NH
5/10 H NH
0/10 M NH

Who to contact?

Apply on the website!
Currently being remodeled, check back soon!

Primary Contacts
Personnel Management and Recruiting- 
Zadkhiel - Battle Tag (Zad#1597), Discord Zadkhiel#9496

Secondary Contacts

Raid Leader - Glendlemine Battletag (Crazzluz#1727)

Guild Master - Skorr Battletag (Skorrge#1543)

Officer - TwoCranes Battletag (OKcomputer#1916)

Officer - Vanzwilder Battletag (Vanz#1302)

We look forward to you contacting us to join our great team!

Edited by Zadkhiel
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At the moment, we are actively recruiting Ranged DPS that can consistently perform at a high level in a dynamic raid environment. If you think that's you, then Bnet message one of the above, or myself at Tangostyle#1997 so we can get started!

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