[Tarren Mill][H]<Murloc Lives Matter> recruiting for heroic NH!

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a tank, any & all ranged DPS, death knights (DPS) & a variety of healers (pref paladin, druid)

7/7 heroic
9/10 heroic (10/10 normal)

In our raids we: laugh, eat oreos, compare e-peens, take the absolute p*ss out of each other, grip each other through the nightwell on Elisande/through the beam on Trilliax, and if we have any time left after that sometimes we might also kill a boss or two if that's what you're into (weirdo). 

In all seriousness, we're recruiting in order to clear heroic Nighthold, and would love to find dedicated, talented, & good-natured players to join our core team!

We also love running mythic+ and do regular Nighthold alt runs!

Wednesdays & Thursdays - 19:15 (servertime) til 22:30 

If you think you'd like to come have some fun with us please whisper Lover (kayleighjo#1595), Yaney (yzgrzag#2320), Notworksafe, Ghoroc or Reactîon for discussions ingame!

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