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[Draenor][H] <Final Effort> (7/7M, 2/3M, 4/10M) looking for players

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About 'Final Effort'

The guild was officially started on Draenor EU November 2015. We are 2 friends who wanted to start our own guild. We decided to do it and here we are.
Our goal as a guild is to be raiding at higher end raiding. To complete the ongoing raid tiers prior to the next release. And of course, to enjoy eachothers company!

What are our goals?
Create a guild with a friendly community among all ranks and have a great time together.
Create a serious raiding team with intention to progress in a semi-hardcore way.
Create a raiding team who will finish off the on-going Tiers while they are current.
To have a strong raiding roster, with the progress minded & focused people, who will be able to take down future challenges.
Raiding Schedule

Monday: 19:30pm - 23:00pm.
Thursday: 19:30 - 23:00pm.
Sunday: 19:30pm - 23:00pm.

What are we looking for in a raider?

We have an age set at minimum 18+ years.
We require our raiders to be able to attend atleast 80% of the monthly raids. Aswell during progression periods, we are looking for players who will do all to attend 100% of the raids.
Know your class completely, as we don't want to teach. Being up to date with the latest theorycrafting about your class is crucial. We need our raiders to aim for perfection.
Learn from your mistakes and use it to improve yourself, as we don't have any use of raiders who /hugs fire.
As a raider you must be able to adapt to mechanics and tactics in a fairly fast way, we wont bother to keep wiping during progression due to continuesly misunderstandings or lack of ability.
Being prepared for raids with its nessecary consumeables and fight knowledge.
You have to be reliable, we won't have raiders who just shows up when they want to, and who just don't care.
If you are a raider who is just logging in for raids and logging out after raids, you might consider another guild. We want our raiders to be contributing to the guild, instead of just consuming from the guild.
You will be asked to speak up on TeamSpeak, for when a specific situation happens, and we do require you actually speak up.
We require our raiders to be committed to the guild, behave with a mature manner both in the guild, aswell as outside the guild. We don't want negative critism about a guildie who's been a douche to others in the game.
We have low tolerence with causing drama, and we hit hard on people creating it and it can result in guild kick. Everybody has their opinion about everything, but either you keep it to yourself, or inform the Guild Master or any Officer about it.

As we're going to be raiding 20-Man Mythic and have a respective raid roster scaling between 20 to 25 raiders, we're heavily in need of whats stated below! If you got what it takes, take a look and throw an application!

-Warlock (low)
-Ret paladin
- Warrior dps (Fury pref)
-Havoc DH

- Additional applicants outside of what we're looking for will be considered to a certain limit. 
If your class and spec arent what we're currently looking for, please contact us before submitting an application.

Contacting us

If you want more information about 'Final Effort', feel free to add Battletag: Leteniath#2297, Australis#21135 in-game, or contact any Officer in the guild.

Head directly to our website and throw an application!

Looking forward to hear from you!

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Hey @Antares192,

I updated your title to follow the rules. If you want the title to read something different, let me know and I will change it to reflect both your wish and the rules.

Best regards,

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