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[Sylvanas][A] <Salty Dogs> (7/7HC 3/3HC 10/10N) Casuals 1day/week LF Healer/DPS

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We are Salty Dogs!

Casual pirates that enjoys raiding but are getting tired of the need to PUG the raids so we are now looking for additions to our little group of swashbucklers!

Your profile?

We expect that you have a decent grasp on the raids that are out today and while you don't need 890+ilvl to join us we are not big on people joining to get a "boost".

We are looking for mature (above 20 years old) players that can join us in raiding 1 day a week (setting the bar low!).
We do set up more raids but we only set one in stone so to speak.

We use Discord for communication and you are expected to at least be in there and listen during the raids, if you are shy, no worries, no need to talk!

Raid schedule: Thursdays 19:00-22:30

Current crew?

We currently have a stable number of 4 (2-1-1) with 3 of us not having any problem with heading into Nighthold HC gearwise.

We got:
Arkpit (Resto Shaman) ilvl 889 (equipped)
Astakith (Prot Paladin) ilvl 889
Nathaniala (Ass Rogue) ilvl 882
Steqs (Brew Monk) ilvl 875 (Stupid friends that switch mains!) ;)

We want:

Healers and DPS since we got 2 tanks already.

Depending on the number of people we end up we might be ok with 2-2-6 (10man) runs but the optimal would be to bring the numbers closert o 2-3-9 but right now we are just looking to reduce the required number to call into a pug!


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