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Protection Paladin Build/Rotation(Raids).....

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hi , im very new in raiding and past days i tried raiding but nothing worked ! I'm considering of going retribution cause my tanking is worse ...

readed 1000's of guides all guides tell me different things ==> for example reforging/rotation/talents....

Little problem is gems and enchanting because of the money sad.png


I really want to get a decent setup but nothing works...

tried www.askmrrobot.com and www.wowreforge.com i dont get any better when reforged only getting worser.


Anyone can check my stats and get me in the right direction smile.png


character name Félipé (EU) realm Bronzebeard


Mastery      10.50%
Hit               4.47% (To low because of wrong reforging)
Dodge         8.75% 
Parry           17.64%

Haste           0.54% (Melee)

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Use the 1.3 Control/Haste Priority if you feel you understand the rotation.  This is the standard way prot paladins gear.

Use the 1.2 Avoidance Priority if you are not comfortable with the rotation.  (FYI) You may have aggro trouble with this build.


Your gear is probably only capable of MSV tanking currently (make sure you aren't trying to tank something you don't have the gear to do).  Make sure to read up on the Prot paly rotation.  Rotation and understanding your class mechanics is the biggest factor in success.  Have fun tanking!

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If you have trouble with the rotation, get the addon CLCProt; it's out out date but still works fine (although it won't show the new Level 90 talents), it really helps you learning when to press what.

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