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Our story
All of us was in a previous guild that became stuck on 3/10 mythic. While reviewing our roster we saw a big difference between the players, the gap between the top of our guild and bottom was too high. So we decide to part from our old guild in hope of making a new one where all the players are equal.

Our goal
To be at least top 20 server and clear all the mythic content before it becomes outdated or too easy, in addition to that we want to create a guild where all feel happy about everyone’s performance and can play together because of being equally skilled and determined to raid.

What are we looking for?
Our current roster consist of 12 people and are looking for the last 8. We are all 900+ geared and are all performing above mythic requirements. We have a good mix of melee and ranged with our current roster of 12, but ideally would like to extend that roster to make a full mythic team. Even though our tank spots are currently full we still like to keep tank recruitment open for exceptionally players. In the healing team, we are currently lacking 2 healers and would love to fill them.
We are open minded people, so do not be afraid to apply, we will review and take action accordingly.

What can you expect from us?
A mythic level guild, a group of experienced players willing to push themselves and help each other out where needed. In raids, we are organised and well prepared for the fights ahead of us, and outside raids, we help each other out where needed. We like to play around and often find us self’s in a playful mind-set

Raid days:
wed: 20:30-23:30
thurs: 20:30-23:30
Monday: 20:30-23:30

Current progressions:
Emerald Nightmare: 7/7M, cutting edge
Trials of Valor: 2/3M
Emerald Nightmare: 3/10M

If you want to apply, have a chat with us!

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Hey @shaalil,

I updated your title to follow the rules. If you want the title to read something different (or if the information I added is incorrect), let me know and I will change it to reflect both your wish (or the correct information) and the rules.

Best regards,

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