Chanes SmallTimeBuccaneer + Spirit Claw

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Both cards Small-Time Buccaneer und Spirit Claws have been nerfed.

I have some decks with these cards - Aggro Shaman (no doomhammer), Miracle Rogue, Pirate Warrior...

What do you suggest? Keep this cards in the decks or use another card? If yes, which one?

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Thanks a lot for your opinion :)

I'll go with it and keep the cards.

But I was quite lucky, I had 5 Small-Time Buccaneer non golden (2 of them crafted myself) and 1 x golden. This way I got 800 dust for the golden (didn't know the golden rare cards are this expensive, always thaught they would cost way less) and 300 dust for the other ones.

1100 dust is quite nice :)

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