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[Wyrmrest Accord] [H] <Crimson Raiders> (7/7H , 3/3 H, 5/10 H) LF more raiders- all roles

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1 Tank- Any class is acceptable. DPS off-spec would be nice too!
1 Healer- Preferably a strong Single target Healer (Paladin) but any will be considered.
1-2 Melee - Any class will be considered.
1-2 Ranged - Any class will be considered.


Emerald Nightmare
7/7N / 7/7H
Trial of Valor
3/3N 3/3 H
10/10N 5/10H


On US-Wyrmrest Accord or willing to server transfer. Exceptions made for people on the same server groupings and willing to raid "remotely" from your server.
Knowledge and understanding of your class.
Being on time and being able to attend raid days preferably 10-15 minutes before start time. We are more on the casual side so if you have to miss the odd raid day there is no stress. We get that life happens.



Tuesday 6:30-9:30PM (PST)
Wednesday 6:30-9:30PM (PST)

About Us:

Crimson Raiders is a small group of dedicated raiders that have been consistently raiding since the beginning of Legion. Many of us have raided together as a group since Lich King and individually have experience since vanilla. Our goal is to clear all Heroic content in this expansion and attain Ahead of the Curve achievements in all raids. Although the thought of Mythic raiding is nice, we also love the balance heroic raiding offers so we can enjoy other things in life.

We are a mature/casual group of people that transform into dedicated raiders two days of the week. Don't confuse casual as lazy or unfocused as we take our raiding days seriously, and continually push ourselves to clear content. Outside of that we do all things PvE such as mythic dungeons and regular transmog runs.

We are a group with a lot of tolerance and patience. We would rather take in a person who is undergeared, but dedicated over a 900+ ilvl elitest jerk. Quality over quantity as we enjoy raiding in smaller groups.

If you are a mature person who loves raiding and the challenge it offers,but doesn't want it to consume your life then this is the guild for you!




Please apply by contacting me directly on battlenet. Once your application has been reviewed a officer will contact you in-game (b.net) or via the comments section in your application.

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