[Wyrmrest Accord][H] <House Werk> (7/7 H EN 3/10 H NH) Heals

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Progression: 7/7 H EN, 2/3 HoV, 3/10 H NH





Currently we are only looking for Healers


Raid Times: Wednesday and Thursday nights 8:30-11:30 pm EST/ 5:30-8:30 pm server time


We use Discord


     We try to run Mythic+ in our spare time but don’t typically set events for those. We do encourage guild members to organize groups outside of our raid times.


     We are looking for the person just as much the player. We want people that gel with personalities that we have here. We understand that trying out for a guild is just as much you trying us out.



    We expect people to:


1. Do their best to keep up raid attendance

2. Communicate with the officers if they can’t make a raid time

3. Play your main for scheduled raid times. Save alts for mythic+, alt raid runs, and pugs

4. Don’t be offensive, obnoxious, or a troll in voice chat

5. Be on Wyrmrest Accord or willing to transfer servers if you join the guild.



If interesting you can reply to this thread or message:


Elharambe-wyrmrest accord - Guild Master

Grumiz-wyrmrest accord - Guild Officer

Valeriae-wyrmrest accord- Raid Leader

Mystomix-wyrmrest accord- Portal Troll and the guy that suggested we try Icy Veins

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update positions needed

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