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overwatch Orisa, Through Clips

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The new Hero has only been on PTR for a few of days, but we can already get the gist of what she's about, and the intrepid clip gatherers and posters over on r/overwatch have quite the collection of Orisa in (various degrees of funny) action.

Let's start off slow, with how her beetle skin actually has beetles (or beetle parts) in it. When she reloads check out the sides of the gun. (Source)

Next up, it seems she's actually made of magnets, or at least her punching hand is, which is a nice advantage, since no one really knows how they work. (Source)

Then it's time for some early myth-busting, as Zarya's Graviton Surge goes up against our new favorite bot and gets Halt!-ed. (Source)

Next up on the versus chopping block is Reinhardt, and his charge also falls to the new kid in town, quite literally. (Source)

For the half-time of this post, why not actually get a useful tip? This is how you can protect Orisa's ult. (Source).

Time for the weird stuff. This particular Tracer took the Halt! thing WAY too seriously and got into a bit of a time loop it seems. Luckily Torbjörn used his advanced knowledge of space-time dynamics and fixed her problem, as easily and delicately as if it was a regular turret. (Source)

Also, by Overwatch law, there can't be a clip collection that does not feature at least one weird or funny basketball-related thing, so here. (Source)

And finally, as per OW law No.345, there must be boops. These aren't your typical boops, however, but they serve the same purpose - to humiliate and enrage the opposing player. (Source 1) (Source 2)

And that's all (for now anyway). Hopefully we learned something about the new Hero, or at least laughed at her poor victims.

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    • By Starym

      The live update/PTR deployment rhythm continues as the latest PTR patch comes 2 days after the latest live version. This time around we're getting new highlight options, loot box updates with less duplicates and more credits, customizable reticles and a lot of bug fixes. There's also the obligatory Jeff Kaplan dev update!
      June 22nd PTR (source)
      Loot Box Updates
      We always want the experience of opening an in-game loot box to feel exciting and rewarding, and in our latest patch we’re working to improve that experience in two key ways. First, we’re drastically reducing the amount of duplicates players will receive when opening loot boxes. Second, to compensate for this reduction of duplicate items, we’re also increasing the overall amount of credits players will receive from loot boxes. On average, players should be earning just as many credits, if not slightly more, from loot boxes than they did prior to these changes.
      To help us test this update, all players who log in to the PTR this patch cycle will receive five (5) PTR Loot Boxes. These are standard loot boxes that will only be available on the PTR. Any items earned from loot boxes or unlocked via credits on the PTR will not transfer over to your live account.
      New Highlight Options
      Our highlights system has received several major updates:
      The game will continue to automatically generate highlights for you based on your recent gameplay. These auto-generated highlights—now categorized as "Today's Top 5"—will be surfaced on a daily basis and persist for a full 24 hours (or until the game client is patched, whichever happens first). Players can now generate their own highlights! The ability to capture 12 seconds of your own gameplay has been added to the game, and can be bound to a single button of your choice (or a button per highlight slot) in the Options menu under “Request Highlight.” These player-generated highlights will be saved under a new section called “Recently Captured” and will persist until the game client is patched. Players can have up to 36 recently-captured highlights stored at one time. With the above, players can now record any of their "Top 5" or "Recently Captured" highlights, exporting them as a video file to their gaming platform’s designated media library (on console) or directory (on PC). On PC, players will also have the option to select the quality at which these highlights are exported, supporting up to 4K at 60 FPS for Windows 8 or higher operating systems, and up to 1080p on Windows 7. To learn more about this feature, check out our recent developer update: 
      Custom Games and Game Browser
      Clarified the text on the "Flag Carrier" options under the Capture the Flag settings for Custom Games Removed the "Projectile Speed" and "Projectile Gravity" options for heroes who do not have projectile weapons User Interface
      Added ability to create customized reticles Reticle options can be found under the "Controls" tab in the "Options” menu (click the "Advanced" expander under the "Reticle" heading) BUG FIXES
      Fixed a bug that could cause the user interface to incorrectly indicate that an enemy player has been hit when colliding with them Fixed a bug that could allow projectiles that would normally pierce shields (i.e. Reinhardt’s Fire Strike) to pass through other surfaces Heroes
      Fixed a bug that could cause eliminations from Junkrat’s Total Mayhem to be mislabeled in the kill feed Fixed a bug that allowed Roadhog’s Chain Hook to latch on to Orisa’s Supercharger Fixed a bug that allowed Sombra to take damage after activating her Translocator Maps
      Fixed a bug that caused AI-controlled players to perpetually move toward the objective on the Gardens point in Oasis Fixed a bug that prevented Training Bots from facing the right direction and returning to their original location after being moved by player interactions on the Practice Range Fixed a bug that could cause D.Va to fall through the floor while boosting into the ground in a specific area on Volskaya Industries User Interface
      Fixed a bug that caused the Heroes of the Storm promotional portraits to appear locked, even after being unlocked Fixed a bug that could cause an error message in chat if you attempted to spectate a new player while already spectating another player Fixed a bug that could cause the chat window to be placed too high on the main menu, blocking menu options Fixed a bug that prevented text from wrapping in the Report Player text box Live patch notes.
      Previous PTR patch notes.
    • By Starym

      The Horizon Lunar Colony assault map is here and so is a new patch! Custom games and the Game browser get the gravity options that are enabled on a part of the new map, McCree gets some ult tuning, Reaper loses his health orbs but gains lifesteal and Roadhog gets gun tuning and a smaller head! There's also a lot of user interface changes and additions as well as the usual large amount of bugs squashed!
      June 20 (source)
      New Assault Map: Horizon Lunar Colony
      Built as a first step towards humanity's renewed exploration of space, the Horizon Lunar Colony’s goal was to examine the effects of prolonged extraterrestrial habitation—on human and ape alike. The scientists’ research proved incredibly promising...until, suddenly, all contact and communications with the base were lost.
      New Legendary Skins
      Oni Genji and Officer D.Va have been added to classic loot boxes
      Custom Games and Game Browser
      Player gravity and projectile gravity can now be modified Knockback magnitude can now be modified on any weapons or abilities that have a knockback effect Jump height can now be modified  

        Deadeye Targets now begin locking on after 0.2 seconds, instead of 0.8 seconds Damage accumulated over the first 1.0 seconds increased from 20 to 80 (damage per second after the first 1.0 seconds is unchanged)
      Developer Comments: McCree’s ultimate can deal a lot of damage if it has a lot of time to build up, but it was often too difficult to get even a small amount of damage out before being stopped or killed. These changes make it more flexible and powerful.

        The Reaping (Passive) Removed health orbs Now regains 20% of all damage done to heroes as health
      Developer Comments: Reaper’s old healing passive was useful if you could kill a bunch of enemies in a row. But since enemies needed to be dead for it to work, it wasn’t very helpful unless the situation was already in your favor. His new passive lets him get immediate benefit from it, especially when fighting Tank heroes, which tend to be larger targets that deal lower damage.

        Head hitbox size reduced by 20% Scrap Gun Bullet damage decreased by 33% Fire rate increased by 30% Clip size increased from 4 to 5 Developer Comments: Roadhog’s head was abnormally large compared to similarly-sized characters, so we’re reducing its size to increase his survivability. The Scrap Gun changes reduce the power of his hook combo and alternate fire burst damage potential while still keeping his DPS roughly the same.
      A quick summary of each player's most-played heroes is now available by highlighting the player in the Groups section of the Social menu (statistics displayed will dynamically change based on the mode/ruleset) A new "All Modes" option has been added to the Career Profile that allows players to view combined stats from all game modes A new "All Competitive Seasons" option has been added to the Career Profile that allows players to view combined stats from all Completive Play seasons The “Damage Done” statistic has been replaced with “Hero Damage Done” in multiple locations A new “Barrier Damage Done” statistic has been added to the Statistics section of the Career Profile, as well as an “All Damage Done” statistic, which combines damage done to barriers and heroes Averages are now calculated in 10-minute slices, rather than by the number of games played “Rate This Match” option no longer appears at the end of a match Developer Comments: The new “Hero Damage Done” statistic is the same as the old “Damage Done” statistic, but it doesn’t include damage done to barriers, only damage against heroes and placed objects (e.g. Torbjörn’s turret). That number can be found in the new “Barrier Damage Done” or “All Damage Done” statistics. However, since “Hero Damage Done” and “Barrier Damage Done” are brand new, their averages will only be based on time played since they were added.
      Also, the old statistics were calculated by taking total damage inflicted and dividing it by the number of games played. This resulted in an average that didn’t accurately reflect the underlying performance, because it didn't take into account the length of the games. The new averages are calculated in 10-minute slices.

      General Fixed an issue causing players to lose progress on their On Fire meter, after the meter had been completely filled Fixed a bug that prevented the Health Pack respawn timers from displaying correctly after a player experienced latency

      Arcade Fixed a bug that could cause the announcer's “select your hero” voice line to play during the end-of-match screen after Elimination games Fixed a bug that prevented the Z’s from appearing above a sleeping enemy during Elimination games

      Competitive Play Fixed a bug that caused your first win to appear as a loss in your Career Profile

      Custom Game Browser Fixed a bug that prevented some settings from being properly displayed in the summary when viewing 3v3 Elimination presets Clarified an error message that appears when a player attempts to exit the Settings page with an invalid combination of settings Fixed a bug that caused the lighting from health packs to appear on Capture the Flag and Elimination maps even after health packs had been disabled Fixed a bug that allowed Torbjörn’s Armor Pack ability to function even after being disabled in custom settings

      Heroes Fixed a bug that prevented players from hearing the voice line that typically accompanies their ultimate if they executed the ultimate after being stunned Fixed a bug that could cause D.Va to become stuck if her mech was killed just as she summoned it Fixed a bug preventing Genji’s sound effects from playing if he used his primary attack immediately after a Swift Strike Fixed a bug that prevented Orisa’s movement from slowing while she fired her Fusion Driver Fixed a typo in Orisa’s “Satisfied with Protection” voice line Fixed a bug that prevented Orisa’s Supercharger from being destroyed if run over by the payload Fixed a bug affecting the animation speed on Reinhardt’s Rocket Hammer, causing the weapon to feel unresponsive while swinging [XB1/PS4] Fixed a bug that caused Mercy’s skirt to clip inside of her feet during the Relax emote Fixed a typo in the description on Roadhog’s Junkenstein skin Fixed a bug that allowed enemy players to detect Sombra (while Stealth was active) if they were within a certain distance Fixed a bug causing Symmetra’s hair to take on an unnatural appearance when her Vishkar or Architech skins were equipped Fixed a bug with how Widowmaker’s Grappling Hook interacts with the flying drones on Oasis

      Maps Fixed a bug on Volskaya Industries that prevented the ice from appearing broken when players fell off a ledge to their death Fixed a bug that allowed players to reach unintended locations on Temple of Anubis Fixed a bug that allowed Sombra to reach unintended locations on Eichenwalde

      User Interface Fixed a bug that caused the Heroes of the Storm promotional portraits to appear locked, even after being unlocked Fixed a bug that could cause an error message in chat if you attempted to spectate a new player while already spectating another player Fixed a bug that could cause the chat window to be placed too high on the main menu, blocking menu options Fixed a bug preventing the UI from correctly showing which heroes are unavailable in Limited Duel games [PC] Fixed a bug that prevented text from wrapping in the Report Player text box Previous patch notes (June 6th).
    • By Starym

      15 years at Blizzard, petitions to stream, shutting down trolls and then gifting them skins and WoW playtime, it's been a busy week for Jeff!
      Overwatch's Game Director Jeff Kaplan is incredibly active in the community, pretty beloved by the game's fans and he's had quite the week! From shutting down a forum troll, to his 15 year anniversary at Blizzard, players demanding he stream himself playing and then apologizing to the troll from before and even gifting him some stuff!
      First off it's been 15 years since he started working in Blizzard, back in the early days of World of Warcraft, where he was better known as Tigole (from his Everquest days), and his fellow devs had a nice surprise in store: a video commemorating his time at Blizzard, made in his own words courtesy of Dinoflask.
      But the big news of the week was his very direct response to a bit of a troll on the OW forums, who casually made a topic very subtly called "Does blizzard even play their own game??????" and explaining his title thesis by adding "nuff said". Normally this kind of topic wouldn't really get much attention, but then, enter the Kaplan:
      As you can imagine, this slam did not go unnoticed and ended up on the OW reddit frontpage, but the story soon got an even happier ending! The troll in question actually contacted Blizzard support to try and get a message to Jeff, apologizing for his flippant post and actually explaining what made him do it in the first place (Widowmaker troubles), as well as actually giving some constructive feedback. He did get in touch with Jeff, who actually apologized and gave him a year of WoW gametime, as well as a Noire Widowmaker skin. Here's Jeff's full response, which the "troll" in question, SharkyMarky, posted to reddit:
      As you can imagine, SharkyMarky was even more apologetic after the message, and in the end even managed to get that Widowmaker skin as well. He ended his reddit post with a nice sentiment:

      And finally in this Kaplanverse roundup, two more reddit posts got big this week. After all the troll smackdown/apologizing, one thread started a petition for Jeff to stream himself playing the game, and another asked that the community be wholesome for once and give their regards to the OW team. Jeff popped in to respond to that last one as well:
      So, Jeff Kaplan - great Game Director or the greatest Game Director?
    • By Starym

      We're going to the moon next week! The new Assault map is coming to Overwatch on June 20th and we get a little behind the scenes look and dev commentary on it as well! You can also check out the current PTR patch notes for additional info on the upcoming patch, featuring McCree, Reaper and Roadhog tweaks.

      Placeholder for tweet 874672734856372225
    • By Starym

      No hero changes this time around, just bug fixes preventing heroes from getting into parts of maps they weren't supposed to and save them from humiliation by falling from moving platforms while dancing, as well as a few other tweaks.
      June 6 (source)
      Fixed several bugs that allowed players to reach unintended locations on multiple maps Fixed a bug that caused players to fall from moving platforms while dancing Fixed a crash that would occur when rendering fog for players with certain hardware
      User Interface
      Fixed a bug that caused the “Oni” and “Law” player icons to appear locked even after being unlocked Fixed an issue that allowed blocked players to send Custom Game invites
      Previous patch notes (May 23rd).