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[The Maelstrom/Deathwing/Karazhan/Lightning's Blade][H]<Dawn of War> Recruiting.

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Dawn of War are recruiting all roles for raiding on The Maelstrom/Deathwing/Karazhan/Lightning's Blade servers.

About us
We are a friendly guild which has been around since MoP, we started out as a PvP guild and then decided to give raiding a shot during the time when SoO came about, we progressed 13/14 HC before the pre-patch hitand have been raiding ever since while also still keeping the RBG team going.

Our issues have always been recruitment, we have many skilled players who would love to progress and go further but we're held back by a lack of players and lack of players with time to commit to every raid night due to work or other commitments.

What we need
We're willing to be flexible but we really need people who are willing to put in the time to improve and be serious when needed to be.
Patience, willingness to improve on skill, ability to alteast research tactics and to come prepaired and on time these are the things we look for in our recruits.

The pros of joining us
Willing to help gear recruits if needed by running through m+ and none progress NH runs. A friendly welcoming atmosphere, a group of friends who talk to eachother outside of the game too even guild meetings. Plenty of random banter in the /g chat. Achieve runs and general help.

Raid schedule
20:00-23:00 server time Thursday and Sunday.

20:00-23:00 Monday (clear runs)

Legions Progress
7/7EN HC. 2/7 EN M. 3/3 ToV HC. 9/10 NH HC (Gul'dan at 11%)

How to contact
You can leave post to this or give an ingame mail or /w to chat to me Raffers-The Maelstrom or Althara-The Maelstrom we dont bite ... much and if u join cookies are usually involved ;)

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Hey @Raffers,

I updated your title to follow the rules. If you want the title to read something different, let me know and I will change it to reflect both your wish and the rules.

Best regards,

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