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Windsong during Bloodlust?

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I am wondering if Windsong would be better used after lust ends, or if I should pop it as I normally would, during lust? Thanks!

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    • By Kavu
      Hi all,
      i'm new to this game and loving it. been playing with a shaman for almost al my battles and got me a deck that's working for me (so far) Thought i'd share it with you guy's. got mostly standard cards, 2 rare one's and 3 common one's
      1 x (0) Ancestral Healing
      2 x (1) Rockbiter Weapon
      1 x (1) Leper Gnome (Common)
      1 x (1) Shieldbearer (Common)
      2 x (2) Windfury
      1 x (2) Acidic Swamp Ooze
      2 x (2) Flametongue Totem
      1 x (2) Novice Engineer
      1 x (2) River Crocolisk
      2 x (3) Hex
      1 x (3) Emperor Cobra (Rare)
      2 x (3) Shattered Sun Cleric
      1 x (3) Thrallmar Farseer (Common)
      2 x (4) Chillwind Yeti
      2 x (4) Sen'jin Shieldmasta
      2 x (4) Windspeaker
      2 x (5) Bloodlust
      2 x (6) Fire Elemental
      1 x (6) Sunwalker (Rare)
      1 x (7) Stormwind Champion
      you can stack rockbiter weapon and even bloodlust al together, that with a card that has windfury is awesome 2 have (even if it's only for one turn),
      any tips that may improve my deck cause this isnt going 2 get me very far i'm affraid :P
      Many thanks,
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